Content Marketing

“Slice through the Silence”- is our motto when it comes to content marketing- A unique way of marketing brands on what they stand for. It is an authentic way to hit the customer's mind on the right note. Words speak for themselves; hence it is best to choose them judiciously. There are several examples in history where simple brand communication led to a fiasco. Hence, we at Jpencil curate all the brand communication with a team of experts. You can stay rest assured on the quality, tone, voice out, and the value that it would add to the business.

Here is why you would need Content marketing
Before we dig deep into why we need content marketing, it is wise to understand the four stages of buying cycle:
  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Buying Decision
  • Final Purchase

While the four stages are common for any product or service, it is important to note that content plays a huge role in the first two steps. Creating awareness of the products/services is vital for any business to attract customers. It is also a tool through which they can put across the differential factors in a holistic way.

Through content, we ensure the customer is educated on the products, give a peer comparison, highlight the points that help trigger the buying decision in the most precise manner.

At Jpencil we ideate the content plan, bring out the nuances of the products/services, couple them with the brand’s vision and customer perceptions to make sure the customer is lured to make a wise buying decision.

Content Marketing Strategies

Engaging, tactical, compelling, and persuasive is what best defines our content. At Jpencil, our expertise will sail you through content marketing easily by studying the market, understand customer insights, and giving thoughtful content that has a true impact on buying decisions.

Our content integrated with strong SEO practices will give your businesses a new dimension. Plagiarism free content, which instantly lets your customer connect with you, is what our forte lies in.

Our content marketing strategies, strength in keyword research when paired with SEO will yield truly phenomenal results. We also ensure we voice out the brand by means of regular press releases across all online mediums, platforms thereby giving the much-needed thrust to the brand.

We have the best among the lot working for us- copywriters, bloggers, press release experts, communication specialists who have years of industry experience across various domains, thus bringing in their knowledge to the table.

Types of Content marketing

Content need not always be written in long-form methods such as blogs, case studies, etc, it can also be visual, graphical, web pages, Podcasts, and infographics too.

While web pages remain to be the traditional part of content marketing, we ensure to keep them simple, to the point, and reflect the business goals. On the other hand, the content on other channels is kept empowering, informatics, simple and positive.

Jpencil experts evaluate which type of content best suits the businesses; thereby build the tone and the campaign on those lines. We also write as per the audience group keeping it neutral when it comes to race, region, religion, ethnicity. This way we create the right balance between the brand voice and customer acceptance.

The secret to Great Content

In the end, the secret to great content is nothing but adding value to both customers and businesses. This way we ensure to keep both the parties in a win-win situation. Quality content is not just being Plagiarism free but a methodical process wherein it creates value in the most impactful way over the long run.

Our experts constantly ruminate their skills to suit the needs of the business. Despite the business model, channel of content presentation, the domain of clients- we constantly push towards bringing a fresh perspective to the client desk.