jBullion Cast

jBullion Cast is complete bullion trading software solution that has been built from ground up keeping the Bullion Traders in mind. It is a cloud based platform that removes the complexities and huge upfront cost of buying IT infrastructure and the software applications that is needed to run the Bullion operation. jBullion Cast has been built based on Web based technology enabling your browser and mobile based application to securely communicate with our platform using REST API's.

To simply put, we connect you the Bullion Trader with your customer.

jBullion cast features includes

  • Live Data Feed from MCX and the Gold Commodity Market
  • Secure Admin Panel access from browser or mobile phone
  • Set Your arbitrage for Gold and Silver
  • Actionable SMS Alerts
  • On the go Mobile Application so you are never far away from trading desk
  • Cloud based hosting, so no server and infrastructure cost to you
  • Website and Logo design for your dedicated bullion site
  • Choose yourPlan

    • Cloud Hosting
    • Website Design
    • Logo Design
    • Email
    • Cpanel
    • Bullion Data Feed
    • jBullion Rate Panel
    • Mobile App (Android / iOS)
    • Actionable Alerts
    • Know Your Customer



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