Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been the buzz word lately for all the right reasons, creating a social media account for business is a big leap you take towards reaching out to a larger audience, putting the business in the forefront of the online world. While physical marketing gives businesses the flexibility of directly interacting with the customer, social media marketing largely remains virtual, however, given the reach of the audience, it remains to be a strong tool to portray the brand.

Creating a business profile across all social media accounts is more than imperative nowadays, given the wide usage. It is said in a survey that millennials first search a brand's social media accounts before they make a purchase online. Their decision is highly influenced by the veracity of these accounts, followers, reviews, influencers, and a host of other such factors. Hence, a brand's online presence is as important as its physical existence.

The team at Jpencil steps in to understand the brand tone, brand voice to design campaigns, showcase products or services in an impactful way that would showcase its commitment to its customers.

Popular social media accounts
Not all social media platforms can have the same level of influence; here are the top social media platforms that have a high impact over others
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. YouTube
  6. Twitter

The estimated impact of these accounts on any business is huge, at Jpencil we not only create, maintain, and update the social media accounts but take them through a channelized manner to equivocally project the brands vision, mission, and brand promise through effective campaigning, sponsored Ads, customer mapping and platform-based strategy i.e. an official tone for LinkedIn, lighter tone for FB and Insta and a very executive tone for Twitter.

We understand the nuances of each social media platform rightly thereby striding all the accounts, campaigns, customer perceptions in the direction of the organization’s aspirations. Example: YouTube can be used to voice out brand awareness, entertainment, and other knowledge scribes, while Pinterest on the other hand is a medium of visual advertising, rendering inspirations to the customers, leading them for “call-to-action” links. Similarly, LinkedIn is a more official B2B connect avenue, employee engagement, and for business development.

Benefits of social media marketing

The key strengths of social media marketing can be exploited to an organization’s benefit. Here are a few areas that the social media channels dive in to create that differential factor:

Brand Awareness

This is the number one reason why any business chooses to venture into social media marketing. From mini businesses run from home to big brands, awareness of its products and services is the prime reason why they resort to social media. We at Jpencil help create this awareness in the most innovative way

Generate leads and conversion closures

Social media engagement leaves the business with prospective customers who can be converted readily. Generating a funnel of potential clients who are interested in the service or product offering is what social media does the best.

Enrich customer relationship

Interesting campaigns lead to customer connect, thereby enriching the relationship with customers. This further helps in winning customer trust.

Learn from peers

Social media marketing being transparent helps immensely to learn from peers. This knowledge can very well be adopted in a business to gain a competitive advantage. This is also a platform to understand the loopholes and help plug in the same.

Social Media Strategies

At Jpencil, we understand in devising a business-specific plan. We start by understanding customer persona, their affiliations, their tastes, and preferences, chalk a detailed plan to keep the customers engaged with the brand from all perspectives.

Determine the tone of the campaign and determine which social media platform is suitable given the organization's goals.

Social Metrics

A robust way of measuring the success of campaigns is through various interactions, few of the metrics we can track are through engagement such as likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, profile visits, video views, tags, etc.

We at Jpencil ensure this engagement is scaled with every campaign, keeping the brands abreast across all social media platforms, ensuring all the customers are getting brand feeds constantly. This in turn helps brands stay on top of the customer’s mind.